Aidplast Hot & Cold Compress Gel

Purpose of Use :

  • For sport traumas or any bruises,fractures, inflations and muscle tears
  • Headache and migraine pains & Nose bleedings Toothaches and treatments.
  • First Aid for Burns and insect bites.
  • To support blood circulation and Reduce rheumatic & muscular pains & Muscle stiffness Backaches & Neck muscle spasms

lnstruction for Use:

For Hot Compress: Before application, immerse compress gel into boiled water and wait for 7-8 minutes or use microwave at a medium degree for around 4-5
minutes. Wrap it in a towel then apply to injured area. For applications lenger than 30 minutes, the compress gel should be reheated.

For Cold Compress: Before application, it is recommended to put the compress gel in the fridge. When needed, wrap it in a towel then apply to injured area. For
long applications, use the compress gel in 20 minute intervals, take a 20-minute break between each application.

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