Aidplast Perforated Cold Plaster

Medical Properties of Perforated Cold Plaster: Menthol is one of the main components of the essential oil obtained from mint plants. It is used in the treatment of inflammation, spasm and pain. After topical application menthol, stimulates the cold receptors and inhibits the calcium ion currents of the nerve membranes causing a feeling of coolness. The analytic properties of the menthol are, in part, mediated by activation of the kappa-opioid receptors, thus helping to inhibit the transmission of pain signals.

Methyl salicylate is the main active component of Gaultheria procumbens. Synthetic is obtained from the acidic acid. In pain, it creates therapy effect in topical use.

Camphor inhibits a number of different receptors. The desensitization of camphor-induced TRPV1 (transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1) receptor and the blockade of TRPV1 (transient receptor potential ankyrin – repeat) receptor form the basis of the analgesic effects of camphor. Menthol, methyl salicylate and camphor dilates blood vessels. Accelerates blood flow to the applied area.

Recommended Use (Indications): Muscle and joint pain occurring in various parts of the body, the painful muscle strains, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatism used as an aid for the relief of pain.

Product Size

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V700M12cm x 18cm5010