Aidplast Mixed First Aid Plaster

Mixed First Aid Plaster is used on minor cuts, scrapes and injuries for first aid. It also protects wounds against dirt and bacteria. The non-stick wound pad helps to create the ideal moist healing environment, help to healing time.

Specifications / Key Features:

  • Long term powerful adhesion
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water resistant
  • Absorbent pad that does not adhere at the wound
  • Air permeable
  • The adhesive does not leave wast
  • Individually packed
  • It is made of skin color polyethylene
  • Single use
  • 4 different size

Product Size

Ref NoSizeQuantity / Unit BoxQty of Unit Box / Carton
V84019mm x 72mm – 25mm x 72mm – 38mm x 38mm – 25mm20 (10+6+2+2)120
V84519mm x 72mm – 25mm x 72mm – 38mm x 38mm – 25mm100 (50+30+10+10)300