Aidplast Gauze Bandage

Gauze Bandage is used to fix the dressing in every part of the body in cases where all kinds of dressings are required. Since it is hydrophilic, it has the ability to absorb body fluids. It is produced in single hygienic packaging. It is made of 100% hydrophilic cotton. It is light and soft. It has a clean finish and leaves no threads.

Specifications / Key Features:

  • Made of %100 Cotton
  • Lightweight
  • lndividually packed
  • Non-Sterile

Product Size

Ref NoSizeQuantity / Pe PackQty of Pe Pack / Carton
V605405 cm x 4 m11800
V607407 cm x 4 m11300
V6104010 cm x 4 m1700
V6154015 cm x 4 m1500
V6204020 cm x 4 m1400